Dmytro Duginov

Attorney-at-Law, Mediator, Head of Financial Services Consumer Protection Council

  • Attorney’s Certificate N1300 from 24.06.2011

  • E:
  • Т: +380 (66) 924-67-68

Attorney Profile

Dmytro Duginov, Ukrainian attorney-at-law with the office in Kyiv, has been practicing law for 15 years already mainly focusing his practice on complex civil and commercial litigations in banking and finance sector. Dmytro Duginov was admitted to the Bar in 2011. Ever since, he has been carrying on his human rights practice as an independent attorney-at-law.

Back in 2009, in a burst of economic and financial crisis in Ukraine, Dmytro Duginov launched the judicial protection practice for those debtors of banking institutions who failed to repay their loans on time and in full being trapped by oppressive bank contracts striving to survive.

In 2014, after the Russian Federation took actual control over the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol and Ukrainian banking facilities seized their operations in Crimea, Dmytro Duginov focused his activities on legal representation of bank customers who had been illegally deprived of free access to the funds on their bank accounts.

Until now attorney-at-law Dmytro Duginov pursued the following achievements:


won lawsuits against Privatbank on the repayment of funds belonging to “Crimean” depositors.

won lawsuits recovering the charges that equal at least the amount of actual deposits. 


enforcement proceedings successfully completed as of 2021.


support of “voluntary” execution by PrivatBank of court decisions that entered into force, without applying to the State Executive Service.

In 2014 Dmytro Duginov established a non-governmental organization The Financial Services Consumer Protection Council. Within the framework of this organization attorney-at-law Dmytro Duginov invested more than 3000 pro bono hours into the communication with government bodies, law enforcement authorities and mass media regarding the protection of rights of “Crimean” depositors. 

Due to its active cooperation with government officials and in particular with AO KB PrivatBank the Council achieved the following:

  • Resolution of a problem concerning the bank’s refusal to provide any documents and information confirming PrivatBank’s scope of obligations to its customers as well as the recognition of Crimeans as the bank’s clients;

  • Exposure of fraudulent scheme according to which more than a billion dollars has been taken out of the bank covered as settlements between the bank and its affiliate FINILON;
  • Institution of criminal proceedings against Privatbank’s illegal operations including the unlawful blocking of accounts and refusal to return the funds to Crimean account holders.

Dmytro Duginov’s successful cases also include the representation of interests of “Crimean” depositors – foreign residents from the USA, France, Norway, Israel, Italy, Cyprus, Nigeria, etc.

Attorney-at-law Dmytro Duginov graduated from Tavrida National Vernadsky University, Law Department. He received his Mediator Certificate in 2013 at Ukrainian Mediation Center (UMC) of Kyiv Mohyla Business School.

The best recommendation I got was at PrivatBank when I took a vacation. They said, “When one person leaves the whole legal department takes a rest”. Indeed, I’m working a lot on Crimean deposit matters and since 2014 I give no one a chance to forget about them.
Dmytro Duginov, Attorney-at-Law