Non-resident’s Case Who Received Additional Fine

On February 26, 2020 the Supreme Court affirmed attorney’s Dmytro Duginov legal opinion on the case of PrivatBank Crimean depositor – the resident of France. As a result of the litigation the client was awarded with the amount of deposits, deposit interests, annual interest of 3% and a fine stipulated by article 10, section 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection.

However, after the court decision’s effective date PrivatBank refused from executing this decision. Considering this it was decided to file a new lawsuit against PrivatBank on the collection of additional fine calculated over the course of non-compliance with the court decision. Attorney Dmytro Duginov managed to win an additional UAH 4 200 000 payout for his client.

As of today, the decision has been executed.

Link to the Unified State Register of Court Decisions ( UA) 

Full Text of Court Decision (UA)