Case in Which the Fine Was 10 times Higher than Deposit Amount

In December 2016 attorney Dmytro Duginov filed a claim against PrivatBank on behalf of Crimean depositor on consumer rights protection by returning the deposits, paying deposit interests and collecting penalties for the failure to meet the agreement’s terms.

As a result of litigation, the court awarded the depositor with the fine stipulated by article 10, section 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection. This fine was several times the amount of original deposit.

  • Deposit amount UAH 77 805 – fine amount UAH 1 148 975, 42.
  • Deposit amount USD 15 000 – fine amount UAH 5 178 768, 86.

The court decision has been executed.

Link to the Unified State Register of Court Decisions (UA)

Full Text of Court Decision (UA)