Depositor’s Case Who Returned Compensation from Deposit Guarantee Fund

Attorney-at-law Dmytro Duginov supported the execution of a court decision on the case of Crimean depositor who decided to file a lawsuit against PrivatBank after receiving a partial compensation from the Deposit Guarantee Fund (hereinafter DGF) in the amount of RUB 700 000.

According to attorney-at-law Dmytro Duginov, having decided to file a lawsuit in Ukraine the depositor returned previously paid compensation to DGF and received from DGF original paperwork.

The case against PrivatBank was launched in December 2018 and was reviewed by all three judicial instances. The Supreme Court delivered its final decision in November 2020.

The depositor was granted with full amount of his deposits, deposit interests and penalties including the fine stipulated by article 10, section 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection.

As of today, the court’s decision has been executed. The total amount of deposits was USD 149 132, 68 and UAH 20 000, 00, whereas USD 219 698, 68 and UAH 385 687, 78 has been collected in accordance with the court decision.

Link to the Unified State Register of Court Decisions

Full Text of Court Decision (UA)