Depositor’s Case Whose Additional Fine Was Raised to Seven times Its Original Amount

In September 2021 Kyiv Court of Appeals affirmed attorney’s Dmytro Duginov legal opinion on the case of Crimean depositor who appealed to the court with regard to PrivatBank’s failure to execute previously delivered court decision on the collection of deposits, deposit interests, annual interest of 3% and a fine stipulated by article 10, section 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection.

The first instance court affirmed the claimant and awarded him with additional fine in the amount of UAH 900 000. However, the defense presented its arguments to the appellate court that were accepted and affirmed by the panel. As a result, the fine was increased from UAH 900 000 up to UAH 6 200 000 during the time when the court decision has not been executed.

Link to the Unified State Register of Court Decisions (UA) 

Full Text of Court Decision (UA)